Stone Dangle Necklace

Stone Dangle Necklace

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Tai Rittichai's Multi Colored Stone Dangle Necklace features in saturated colors and cheerful elegance, multi-colored necklace has a color to match everything you own.

  • Gold plating over brass
  • Colored glass stone accents 
  • CZ accents 


All of our gold and silver finished pieces are plated over brass. With proper care and management of your TAI jewelry, you can extend its wear and use.Do not expose your gold and silver plated jewelry to water, cleaning solvents, or other chemicals as it will affect the color and finish of the product. Remember that sweat also affects the finish of your gold-plated item, so keep in mind if you are going to be working out or exposed to the sun for the entire day.

All TAI jewelry pieces are individually handmade, meticulously beaded, braided, and strung by our skilled artisans in Thailand.