Meet the Team

the one who started it all

Kelly aka boss lady

Considering she started the Kingfish family, she's been the heart and soul of the boutique's family since 2004.

Favorite part about her job: If you know me it's pretty on point.. the nurturing of the younger people who work here and supporting their dreams for the future. All while they support my vision for Kingfisher.

Words to describe Kelly: Leader, salesperson, and grandma!

Buyer / Sales stylist


How long have you been a part of the Kingfisher family? I've been a part of KFR 13 years on and off... being Kelly's daughter I'll always be a part of the family!

Favorite part about my job: I love buying amazing products for the store and helping customers feel amazing in it.

Words to describe Lo: I'm funny, a good communicator, and a loving mother and friend.

And then some: Come spend time and shop with me! I love styling people and making them feel amazing about themselves.

Sales Stylist


How long have you been a part of the Kingfisher family? I joined the KFR family in October of 2018!

Favorite part about my job: Helping clients look and FEEL beautiful!

Words to describe Linds: I'm positive, proud, ambitious, and sincere.

Fun fact: I've never met a kimono or hat I didn't love. Though day to day you'll typically find me in denim, I'll forever be a bohemian girl to the core. Also, life is short... buy the shoes.

Favorite quote: "Great things never came from comfort zones."

operations manager


A little about Tami: I have been with KFR since September 2017. I’m usually behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. Come say hi!

Favorite part about her job: I love being a part of Kingfisher’s growth. We’ve accomplished so much and who knows what’s next for us! And, of course, I love opening Jelly Cat deliveries!

Words to describe Tami: Hardworking, detail-oriented, creative and colorful.

More:When I’m not at work, you can find me in dance class!

Data Entry Specialist


A little about Krystal: I love to travel and visit new places with my husband. But there's nothing I love more than a lazy Sunday afternoon watching football. I would like to think I'm a pretty adventurous eater. There isn't a food I wouldn't try at least once.

Favorite part about my job: I love meeting new people and getting to know clients! There is something so special about Kingfisher, it feels like one big family.

Words to describe Krystal: Friendly, easygoing and supportive.

E-commerce Merchandiser


A little about Kat: I've been with KFR since 2013! I've done everything from sales, operations, social media, photography, web design, and now online merchandising!

Favorite part about my job: Watching the growth of the store and being a part of the Kingfisher family. Kelly is such a fearless leader and she motivates her employees with her kind every day gestures.

Fun Fact! My oldest sister Vee Vee was the first Kingfisher employee.

Words to describe Kat: Ambitious, smiley, entrepreneurial!

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