On Off Earrings
On Off Earrings

On Off Earrings

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Exclusive minimalist design earrings, inspired by the order and practicality of Chinese culture. This jewel has an element in the form of a horizontal bar, joined to a small ring by a delicate chain. The piece, gold or silver plated metal, is 100% handcraft made by UNOde50 in Spain.


Store the piece in its original bag or in a closed box, in order to protect it from air, direct light or humidity. Avoid, as far as possible, any contact with perfumes or other cosmetic products.

  • SILVER PLATED PIECES:Clean with a soft cloth or with a non-abrasive silver cleaner.
  • GOLD PLATED PIECES:Clean with a soft cotton cloth, damped with warm water and mild soap in case the piece is very dirty.