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 A beautiful artistic handblown glass candle with a textured finish of gold and/or silver at the base with smooth blue glass at the top and uneven rims. 

This candle should give approximately fifty hours of burn time.  The Horizon vessel can be reused once the wick has burned away, and it has been cleaned out, by repurposing as a decorative container for your table, counter or vanity, to be used time and time again.  

Himalayan's horizon candles are truly one of a kind, artistic pieces that evoke beautiful images of horizon landscapes.  This candle has two wicks and is four inches by five inches tall.  This candle container is made of thick glass, hand blown in four colors with uneven rims – a one of a kind centerpiece suited for every style. Each piece will vary in its finish and texture. The Horizon Collection candles are hand poured in Georgia, by Himalayan's experienced candle makers, with twenty-two ounces of a clean burning, United States grown, fragranced soy wax blend with a high-quality fragrance compound oil.  Himalayan's distinctive fragrances are saturated with layers of nuance, complex and intricate, and are designed to evoke a particular time and place, triggered by memories and nostalgia. 

Blue arctic color - Hidden Cove scent -  Eucalyptus, bamboo leaves, a hint of citrus and wild mint.  Calming fragrance of hidden secrets.