Beginning of Love Charms
Beginning of Love Charms
Beginning of Love Charms
Beginning of Love Charms
Beginning of Love Charms

Beginning of Love Charms

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Waxing Poetic's handcrafted women's jewelry line is known for its modern heirloom quality that is both personal and unique. It celebrates the rich journey of life with keepsake charms, pendants, bracelets, chains, necklaces and more, allowing each person to craft their own story. 

Honoring all who first taught us what it was to love, our Beginning of Love collection features five uniquely shaped brass charms with timeless sterling silver symbols and etched line details. The loyal friendship of a furry friend, the goodwill and altruism that faith inspires, the kind of generous affection that reveals the treasures in our own hearts and that affirms Love is the most rewarding thing we could ever aim for and achieve.

Our goddess of the night is proof that a love that delights and cherishes will cause a heart to shine. Engraved rays of moonlight surround a silver full moon rising out of a flattened brass plane. Each month the emergence of the moon’s hidden light—from tiny sliver to mature blue diadem—is just as glorious. Accenting the charm’s edge are eight concave circles containing a miniature lunar phase modeled in silver.

Spectacular silver spokes of a compass wheel float in a rectangular brass sky. An ethereal landscape for a far-away voyage towards truth. On this path to sincere love, truth propels us to behold the bright side in others and the silver lining in any cloud—just as an impressed blazing sun and modeled silvery moon can be spotted peering out from behind etched cumulus puffs.

A diamond shaped brass charm bears a poignant sterling silver cross, surrounded by an etched border of stars. An enduring symbol of love, our Lost and Found charm celebrates life’s noblest purpose. Like a star guides and illuminates, faith in love brings our hearts home.

Attentive, protective, devoted; no one quite exemplifies pure unconditional love as that of our joyful canine companions. In Dogdom, the bond we share runs deep, forever claiming a special place in our families and in our hearts. A lovable raised silver paw juxtaposes an embossed silver heart beaming with line details etched on a rectangular brass base.


An artfully hammered brass circle holds a raised eye-catching silver heart. Orbited by a single wandering star flickering with the fire of a Swarovski crystal, this heart encircled by light embodies the revelation that love is its own reward. Nothing can make us brighter, more fulfilled, more complete than lavishly loving and being loved in kind.  Brass and Swarovski Crystals.                                                

Brass & sterling silver
Single Charm only.