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Characteristics of our best-selling brands
Hi retail friend, in thinking about our best sellers some common themes kept coming up and I am happy to disclose those themes, I will tell you what they ALL have in common. Woman owned?  Some of them.  3 of the 5. Price point? All are a good value, but not inexpensive.  Made in America – affirmative for 2 of the 5.  I love working with them, great customer service?  5/5, but there is another characteristic they ALL share….drum roll.  They have a collectability factor.  
Yes, collectable. The number one most collectable line is Magnolia Pearl.  

Magnolia Pearl

Magnolia Pearl is about YOU, and how you tell your story.  Founded by free spirit Robin Brown (pictured below), she is like no other.  Her clothing is an experience and has an ease of movement to the fabric.  The very best way to describe her clothing (and I’m tempted to say “describe her art”) is to say when I wear it – I am happy. 

All her pieces are made in India and 100% cotton and ALL one size.  It’s nothing less than magic that somehow it fits just about everyone.  Not sure how to say this but I kind of don’t care what I look like when I wear it.  I mean, I’m cute – but it just doesn’t matter.  I’m comfortable and happy.  

Now, back to it being collectable.  Brown designs all pieces and only 250 of each piece are put into production, hence collectable.  She’s a free spirit, but she’s also a smart cookie.  When there is limited amount of something, people want more and they wear their pieces with a sense of pride.  If I am not wearing one of my tees to work, as soon as I walk in through the door at my home, that is what I will put on.  I have been known to go the full 24 and sleep in them too.  It’s that comfortable.

The following are more best-selling brands that are not in any particular order, but are popular not only for collectability factor,  but other characteristics as well.   

Maven West

Maven West is up next – very different than Magnolia Pearl and both are best sellers.  The number one selling top in this line is the pocket cargo top.  The key to their best-sellingness (a new word) is this is a classic and will never go out of style.  Basically a closet staple.  It’s forever.  They are all made with Cupro, a fantastic, sustainable, soft, keeps you cool fabric.  They were one of the first on the trend of a classic button down, to ship with it already tied in the front.  When wearing it like this, no need to do a front tuck, just throw on – over your Bevy/Flog’s – and go.  We love going monochromatic with this look, they come in so many colors, so we match it with our Bevy/Flog pants and it’s flattering, effortless and comfortable.  It has that – I didn’t try too hard to look this fabulous look.  Worth a mention, Maven West is made in Los Angeles, love that!


Can’t write a blog about the characteristics of our best-sellers and not give a shout out to Bevy/BFlog.  CEO Dorit Yeyni is at the helm of this company.  If you read my Bevy/Flog Blog (catchy, I know), you know we have sold 5,000 pairs of these beauties and counting.  They are made in Israel, 98% cotton, 2% spandex and they are like no other.  Comfortable, chic, on trend but not trendy.  They are here to stay.   Since I’ve already devoted an entire blog (Read here) to them I won’t go into crazy detail, however a few topics worth mentioning.  Collectable?  Check.   Comfortable?  Check.   Consistent with new styles?  Check.  (n  Bragability factor?  Scoring high here – our customers love having the latest pattern  and style because they know how to style them and how much wear they get from them.  

We love to pair these with our Maven West tops and a favorite at the store for our team is pairing them with a Magnolia Tee for a more casual look.

Michael Stars

Next up is the ever popular, California brand Michael Stars.  We’ve carried them the longest and for good reason.  Another brand designed and made in Los Angeles.  They are known for their essentials, in particular their tees.  We have carried them for well over a decade, and if you have a favorite, you know they always come out with new seasonal colors and last and last and last.  They are also known for having a wide range of one size options.  Two of their best sellers are the Dua and the Levi.

The Dua has become a real favorite of mine.  It’s a crew neck, has a slight swing to it and the most important (and smart) feature is the sleeve length.  It’s not a short sleeve, long sleeve or even a three quarter – it sits right above the elbow.  Our ladies love this.  (me being one of the ladies). 




Next we have the Levi – a V-neck style, short sleeve (not too short), generous in size – I would say it would easily fit up to 14.  It has cute little side vents with some stitching that really only you would notice, but always brings a little smile to face.  It’s all in the details, right?  




Besides the tees (their best seller), we start carrying their gauze in March and it sells through August, it’s just so comfortable and the colors they have are beyond compare.  It is a line that really lives up to their catch phrase of being a “California lifestyle brand”.  They have stayed true to that – their consistency is admirable.  Always great designs and fabrics and another great staple for your wardrobe.  It’s worth coming in and spending some time seeing which basic is for you so you can always have them on hand when you just don’t want to think. Throw on one of their comfy, classic tees and some jeans and go.  

So what jewelry do you wear with all this?

Uno de 50

Uno de 50, the collectable jewelry line we love.  The company originates in Spain and originally they made 50 units of each style.  Well, that didn’t last long – demand was just too high.  We are so lucky to have this brand!  They are silver and gold plated and well above the industry standard on their plating.  I know – I own quite a few pieces.  They do best when they are stored in a cloth bag, not exposed to air.  If they do become tarnished, a good polish sets it up good as new.  Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, in a cloth bag and a beautifully branded red bag.  Basically the recipient knows they are about to open something very special.  I have carried the line for some time now and am seeing them add to their chunky style a more delicate look to their pieces.  It’s a testament to them knowing what is trending but they are still staying true to their aesthetic.  

Customers will ask for the chunkier pieces – is this heavy?  I say – yes, and in the best way.  It just feels good on the body.  I can’t think of the last time I didn’t have some piece of Uno de 50 on me.  It’s really part of my wardrobe and a staple.  Do people collect it?  Yes!  We love to see our customers come in all stacked up with their Uno.  I love to stack the bracelets personally, but I have also seen fans of the line layer up on necklaces as well.   Does it go with our other brands, it’s perfection!  You just can’t go wrong.  

Okay, I have saved the best for last on our best-sellers and it will shock you because I have kept this blog all about fashion, but I have to include the line that truly makes me the happiest, and I don’t even wear it!  It’s a line that when we get the new catalog twice a year I’m so particularly happy that day, and when the new collections land  – about twice a year – our team is happy and giggly and even playful.  


Yep, it’s Jellycat.  The love is deep here.  They have been creating and dreaming from London since 1999.  In researching this blog I am reminded of the origin of their name.  The name Jellycat was dreamt up a by a child who loved  jellies and cats and thought it fun to combine the two.  The silliness of the name is a perfect fit for this company.  I mean who would think up an octopus with a knit sweater and beanie?  It is one of my favorite gifts to give and who wouldn’t love to receive one?  On a personal note as my mom was aging and actually quite ill I would always bring on my journey to her a new jellycat.  The last one I gave her was a little owl that I just loved and so did she – the owl’s name was Bertie (who has since retired).   It would perch on a shelf looking at her and  maybe take off her mind  off some of the sadder things she might have been thinking about.  Wow, this took a turn.  Back to the blog and jellycats…

The most popular baby gift we sell is the combination of a jellycat with a companion book.  It is just the best and we love to design a themed basket around them.  So it might be sea themed – we could do one of the whale stuffies with the companion book and thow in a Milkbarn whale onesie and you are set, but trust me it can keep going.  

Do kids and adults collect them?  Check -  times a million.  And what a fun collection.

So I think Jellycat is a great place to end this one.  I’ve loved seeing all the similarities in the best selling lines we carry.  I want to make it  clear that I wouldn’t work with any of these companies if I didn’t love the representatives of the lines and the companies themselves. 

 Always wanting to know what your favorites are and why you love them, so please  keep in touch!

Your friend, 


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