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Where to begin with this magical pant.  Approximately four years ago, Dorit the CEO for Bevy/Flog came into the store styled  beautifully.  Our sales person at the time commented on her pants and insisted I order them for the store.  We started with just a few styles.  Well, they quickly sold out.  Shoot to over four years later and we have sold just about 5,000 pairs of them!  We currently have over 50 styles and the love just keeps growing.  We suggest sizing one size down in all of the styles, with the exception of the Scandal – go two sizes down.   


A few reasons for their success:  

  1. They are stylish while still being comfortable.
  2. You have an option on the way you would like to style it, you can wear them loose like a jogger or more fitted.  
  3. There are always new styles coming in.
  4. They are original but not wacky.
  5. They can be dressed up or down – paired with a strappy sandal, boots, or sneakers.

1. The Shely

First up, the OG style and bestselling style is the Shely.  They have a 11” rise and a 27” inseam.  They come with a drawstring and pockets in the front and functional pocket in the back.  They are great with a blouse or casual tee and front tucked.  

2. The Dafna

The Dafna has the same measurements as the Shely – 11” rise, 27” inseam.  They are a pull on pant with belt loops, there are faux pockets in the back to have the look of a trouser and of course pockets in the front.

3. The Nansi

Dafna’s bigger sister.  All the same as the Dafna, except Nansi has 30” inseam and the slightest flare, she’s a little dressy and if you need that extra length, it’s a great go-to style.

4. The Amanda Kick Flare (pictured right with Kel)

She’s a pull on crop flare, so cute and comfortable – this is a style for  Bevy/Flog that we consider a specialty style – it’s here now and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  10 ½ “ rise, 29” inseam

5. The Tali (pictured left with Lo)

Right now, she’s an original – like none other.  The Tali is a jogger in faux leather, functional front and back pockets, a beautiful option for a night out.  12” rise, 27” inseam

6. The Scandal

Have you heard the rumors?  These beauties have become a bestseller overnight.  They have buttons in the front, a tie at the waist and are the softest fabric.  Functional front and back pockets.  Don’t forget to size two sizes down.  11” rise, 27” inseam.


There you have it! Let us know in the comments your favorite style.


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  • Ruth Magnus

    I love the bevy-flog pants. They fit me so well and are easy to wear and they have such beautiful designs. I love the white snake and want one for this Summer – hopefully

  • Natalie Parkinson

    So I am trying to decide on size
    How much to they stretch out? Thanks

  • Katia Lange

    I’m also obsessed with Bev Flog pants. Really obsessed!!🤩
    I kind of feel less guilty to know I’m not the only one with a”Bev Flog Collection”.
    Started with a pair of white pants then black ones. But no way to stop there; All the different shades and patterns, I just can’t get enough of them.
    Bev Flog pants are comfy, flattery, and stylish. You can cuff the up for a more casual day look and dress them up with high heels for a night outfit.
    They fit perfectly!!! They enhance the body by “lifting the bums & tucking the tummy”
    It’s so great that Kingfisher Boutique carries such a great selection of this amazing brand, Bev Flog 😍.

  • Meredith O'Donnell

    I love the fit of these pants
    and I get compliments on them every time I wear them!
    I have two pair so far and look forward to adding more to my collection.

  • Roseann

    My favorite pants! Beautiful ladies, thanks for the rieviews of the styles! 🥰

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