waxing poetic

Waxing Poetic believes that love, as well as gravity and natural forces, is crucial to our overall existence on this planet, and that love for the earth, her people, her resources, and her ecosystems is an imperative. As a company, they keep this particular brand of love in the forefronts of their minds whenever and however they work.

By Hand

By Hand? Really? Yes.

All our designs start by hand. As in drawn, sketched, outlined, doodled, painted (really, it has happened more than once) or even described with words, written out or otherwise rendered by hand, on the drawing board. Or notebook. Or sometimes sketchbook. Or even possibly a napkin. Or tablet. Or iPad. Whatever it is, we draw it out first. Once we like where a concept is going, we refine the design and send it to our dear friends and artisans in Bali.

By heart

In addition to being one of the most overwhelmingly beautiful places in all the world, Bali is a jewelry designer’s dreamland, home to a tradition of metalsmithing that can be traced back centuries, if not a millennium. Silversmithing is a revered practice and valued trade, and most artisans come from families who have been part of the practice for generations. There is an implicit poetry to the work — from carving detailed designs into wax to casting pieces to painstaking attention to detail in finishing a design that was apparent to them from their very first collaboration. They are honored to have their designs felt, understood, and translated into being by such beautiful spirits.

By truth

There’s an old saying that wax, as a material, always tells the truth.

It makes sense — wax impressions catch uncanny details, early sound recording technology relied on wax, and wax document seals were the standard of trust for centuries.

Waxing Poetic isn’t just their name, in a way, it describes the very process by which their designs become. They make things and get the chance to see them made real (and loved, and worn, and changed—by all of you). They don’t take this lightly.

Purveyor of Good

They believe that keeping their business practices aligned with love, sharing, gratitude, fairness, and compassion. These are brand fundamentals, and essential components of their creative process, their market practices, their approach to manufacturing, their relationships with customers and overall being in the world. To that end, Waxing Poetic seeks to engage in ethical, sustainable, and environmentally compassionate business and manufacturing practices whenever and however possible.

They keep constant watch on themselves and their affiliates to make sure that whatever Waxing Poetic brings into the world is proportionately matched with great care for the earth (and her occupants). They choose their fabricators and factory sites with tremendous care and consideration – both for what they produce and how they accomplish it.


They are committed. Waxing Poetic began as, and remains, a female owned and family operated business. They are sisters, pilgrims, poets, mamas, mystics, courageous darlings, and many heroic others, who all believe in protecting women, each other, and their planet through the work they do.

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