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Inspire yourself or someone you love to commit to a daily self-care practice with this beautiful gift set.

This beautiful gift set includes a soothing citrus and lavender scented candle, a mini book filled with self-care quotes and inspiration, and a 90-day reflection journal develop a habit of self-care and cultivate well-being.

PRACTICE SELF-CARE: The Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal supports a self-care routine and helps you embrace a healthy lifestyle.

SOOTHING SCENTED CANDLE: The 2 oz. hand-poured candle is made with soy and coco wax,has a fresh and relaxing citrus and lavender scent and an 18-hour burn time.

GET INSPIRED: The mini book is filled with quotes, inspirations, and contemplations on the topic of self-care from writers and thinkers ranging from the Buddha to Maya Angelou.