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The Uno de 50 Bossy necklace is a chain of silver-colored tubular-shaped links. Its key feature is a central pendant made from small cast tubes and a pink crystal. Handcrafted in Spain from a silver-plated metal alloy using artisan techniques.

It features a lobster clasp, allowing the piece to be adjusted to the desired length (44-92 cm long weighing 95.6 g). Be sure to pair this necklace with the rest of the pieces from the Fearless collection. 

 Store your Uno de 50 piece in its original bag or in a closed box, in order to protect it from air, direct light or humidity. Avoid, as far as possible, any contact with perfumes or other cosmetic products.

  • SILVER PLATED PIECES: Clean with a soft cloth or with a non-abrasive silver cleaner.
  • GOLD PLATED PIECES: Clean with a soft cotton cloth, damped with warm water and mild soap in case the piece is very dirty.
  • LEATHER: Clean leather parts with mild soap or an unscented and colorant free moisturizing cream.
  • RESINS: Use a soft cloth to enhance the brightness of the beads.
  • CRYSTALS AND GLASS: Use a soft, slightly damp cloth